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Easily Get Cash For Your Private Mortgage Note



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Simply complete the form above or give us a quick call at 844-800-6689.

We’ll work hard to get you a maximum buyout.


We Handle the Details

Our team is highly experienced and uses a streamlined protocol to finish appraisals along with the underwriting with little work on your part.

We cover all the costs!



We can close out the transaction and see to it that you are paid within just 30 days.

You’ll get a lump sum payment for your mortgage note.

The transition to the new property owner is seamless.


When we chose to attempt liquidating a private mortgage we’d arranged for our previous home’s buyer, we suspected the process would get complicated. Your team provided a fast quote that surpassed our expectations. Your business really simplified the process for us. I’d certainly recommend your services enthusiastically to anyone that is holding their own private note.

— R. Nolen – Parsippany, NJ


Why Sell Your Private Mortgage Note:

Our clients chose us to sell notes for a wide variety of reasons. Some of the most common reasons we hear include…

    •  Desire to diversify assets
    •  Immediate need for some lump of money
    •  Reinvesting resources into higher-yielding assets
    •  Preventing foreclosure or bankruptcy
    •  Need to pay down debt with high-interest rates
    •  Qualification requirements for assisted living, Medicaid, or Medicare

Whatever your reason, we can help you achieve your goals quickly and easily.

About Us
We are located in North Brunswick, New Jersey. You’ll find us easiest on the map as a suburb of Central New Jersey. Our experience is substantial in buying unique assets like deeds from trust mortgages, notes, and land contracts.

Our veteran team has provided the opportunity for many thousands of clients to reach into their private notes and their value in order to get fast cash money. That experience is what helps us find our clients quick, easy, high-paying buyouts.

If you’re thinking about liquidating a private note that you have, we’re here to give you a helping hand. It only takes a quick call to get the conversation started with us, as we can provide spot quotes and start explaining just how much we simplify the process for our clients:



When I decided to start expanding my business, I knew I needed the funds to pay for the growth, and yet all my existing funding was tied up for three decades in a seller-financed mortgage. I found you when I looked for options in selling the note. From the very first conversation, I was seriously impressed with how simple you made the process. The buyout amount pleased me, especially considering how fast it could get freed up so I could reinvest into my business.

M. Jeanty – Plainsborough, NJ

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